Callister Law will provide a detailed Asset Protection Plan to ensure that your personal assets and the livelihood of your business will be safe from creditors, while providing the best tax advantages possible.

One size does not fit all when protecting your assets in Idaho and Nevada, and every client is unique.  Whether you are a business owner, real estate investor, doctor, dentist, or potential tax payer you will need a plan that maximizes your exemptions.

Effective planning requires consideration of all possible circumstances to ensure a solid plan is created that you can realistically maintain for years.

Timing is critical when it comes to asset protection. Don’t wait until it is too late to act!

Here are some important questions to ask yourself when considering asset protection:

Would only having a Will be adequate for my needs?

  • Why do I need an estate plan?

  • What is probate?

  • Do I have a living will in addition to my will?

  • How large must my estate be to need a trust?

  • What can I do to protect my assets?

  • What can a creditor do?

  • When is a trust effective?

  • When should I start?

Give us a call so we can answer any question you have, when realizing your need for asset protection and estate planning.