Callister Law will provide you with a well-crafted estate plan that protects your loved ones, saves you money, and avoids costly litigation. We are licensed to serve clients in both Idaho and Nevada. Estate planning includes will preparation, testamentary trusts, and living trusts.  We also provide advanced estate planning such as irrevocable trusts, estate insurance planning, family limited partnerships and limited companies, private foundations, charitable remainder trusts, and retirement distribution planning. We also prepare financial powers of attorney and advance health care directives.

Callister Law can help you decide whether you should form a will or a combination of a will and trust to maximize your legacy to loved ones and avoid unnecessary expense. Each estate plan is tailor-made to each client. By starting your estate plan early, you may enjoy greater flexibility and tax savings in the future.

Last Will & Testament

Creating a Will can be a strenuous and very personal process.  It is not easy to consider your own death, but a will shelters your family from adverse decisions in Probate.

A last will and testament is a fundamental part of an estate plan, and it should reflect your individual goals. A will is the only way to identify a guardian for minor children and name someone as your personal representative.  A will must satisfy the legal requirements of your state probate process.  Callister Law has drafted many wills according to state law, and we will tailor it to your needs.

Testamentary Trust

A testamentary trust is created in a deceased person’s last will and testament.  Because a testamentary trust does not exist until after death, it is naturally irrevocable. A testamentary trust does not protect an individual’s assets from the probate process. Therefore, the distribution of cash, investments, real estate, or other property may not conform to the trusts owner’s specific desires.

We can work with you to create any additional safeguards you may need.

Durable Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney legally permits another to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated and are unable to make financial or health care decisions.  In Nevada and Idaho there are some very easy steps to take that will make sure those decisions are made by the proper individuals. A power of attorney will keep the courts—and unwanted individuals—from making these decisions for you.

A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Declaration can make sure your wishes will be heard, even if you are incapacitated.  Callister Law has drafted many of these directives, ensuring the needs and wants of the client are met.

Advanced Directive to Physicians

Nevada and Idaho allow for an Advanced Directive, which protects your right to refuse medical treatment, or request treatment you want if you lose the ability to make decisions yourself.  Examples include withholding life-sustaining treatments, including artificial administration of nutrition and hydration.

Beneficiary Deeds for Real Estate

If you own real estate without a co-owner, you have limited options to pass the property to a beneficiary at your death without the necessity of probate.  Assets placed in a living trust can avoid probate, but it is easier to transfer the property by beneficiary deed.

Callister Law can help you create an Estate Plan and avoid state succession laws to divide your property. The proper plan can bring you the peace of mind that your estate will be distributed the way you want upon death.