Health care is among the most highly regulated industries in the United States. Far-reaching legislation and developing regulations continually change the healthcare system, understanding your rights and responsibilities requires constant up to date information.

With these ever frequently changing laws that affect medical professionals and patients alike Callister law provides comprehensive services to clients in all aspects of health care transactions including regulatory, compliance, licensing and credentialing matters. We can serve as your experienced link too both the insurance companies and government agencies helping you navigate through the myriad of legal complexities.

The firm currently represents and maintains a focus on physicians, medical groups (including IPAs and MSOs), dentists, and dental practices as well as a wide array of businesses and individuals. A major emphasis on the firm's practice has been servicing the needs of its professional clients.

The firm has considerable experience in the practice areas of:

  • Medical Professional Organizations
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Insurance regulation
  • Managed care contracts
  • Labor and employment
  • State and Federal licensing 
  • HMO, IPA, and MSO contracts
  • STARK II' physician referral issues

Stark Law Planning and Licensing

Health care providers and any business that has financial relationships with providers should recall the words “Stark Law” and “Anti-Kickback Law”. In 2005 with the passing of the Deficit Reduction Act states are more focused on their own versions of anti-kick laws and are taking the necessary action to recover payments to providers and indirect payments to medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

We understand the market demands of health care providers and their focus on cost-effective ways to manage and grow their business, at the same time, we can assist providers in creating business and legal value in the transactional and regulatory landscape.