Callister Law can help set up a trust for you and your loved ones. We are experienced in creating Living Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts to help avoid probate disputes.

A living trust is sometimes referred to as a revocable trust, inter vivos trust, or family trust.  A living trust allows an individual (trustee) to hold legal title to property for another person (beneficiary).  The trustee may be appointed or be the person setting up the Trust.  He or she may also be a beneficiary of the trust, enabling you to keep full control over all property held in the trust. 

The creation of a trust helps avoid prolonged probate and assists in tax planning.

One of the greatest benefits of a living trust is that it protects your family’s assets from divorce, failed marriages, bankruptcy, drug addiction, and other creditor issues.  Without a living trust, property left to your heirs could be subject to seizure and attachment by creditors.